Services - MCS - Marine Control Services

We offers a full range of surveying and consultancy services with supporting Certificates, Reports and other relevant documentation.

Pre-shipment surveys

Marine Control Services carries out Pre-Shipment inspections of goods on behalf of Overseas Clients. The purpose of this is primarily to verify that the goods conform to contractual specification, are packed according to required method and are marked with necessary markings for the export. This also assures correctness to the agreed quality and quantity, and is conducted in most cases prior to shipment, and in the country of export.

After completion of the survey we give suitable descriptive clauses relating to any visible damages of goods, physical defects, structural abnormalities that might be construed by the third parties as defects which develop after shipment.

Our surveyors are sufficiently competent to have his terms of reference extended, if necessary, to permit his intervention with reference to stowage problems and any other subjects giving rise to disputes which can develop during the course of loading.

Pre-shipment survey shows if cargo is already injured before loading and shipping. Pre-shipment inspections and pre-loading survey are included in cargo condition survey.

Stowage, lashing and securing surveys

Marine Control Services offers inspection and certification of cargo stowage and lashing /securing, including oversized and heavy-lift of cargoes in / on ships, containers, trucks and railway carriages with the direct participation of port stevedores which provide the loading-unloading-lashing works. Lashing calculation are carried out using an approved cargo securing software

  • Cargo plan and lashing scheme preparing;
  • Stowage/lashing and securing of cargoes in/on the sea and land transport units;
  • Supervision of cargo handling operation;
  • Stowage and lashing/securing surveys;
  • Assist to ship’s and freight agents at place of discharge-load-ports in accordance with instruction of the customer;
  • Issuing the adequate survey report and/or LS certificate on stowage/lashing/securing in accordance with the “Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing” adapted by “International Maritime Organization”.

Cargo damage surveys

Marine incidents, most of the times involve a particular type of cargo. In some instances the cargo itself may have been the cause of the incident.

Each cargo has its own properties and reacts differently to contact with water, moisture, exposure to temperature, sunlight or gases emitted by other cargoes on board the vessel. For some other cargoes such as containers and project cargo, the effect of the ship motions on the cargo is relevant. Some cargoes require ventilation, other cargoes should not be ventilated. This kind of information, which is required to make the proper assessments, is not taught at school or university, but can only be obtained from experience gained during the daily practice.

We establish the extent of the damage and give an estimate of the cost of repairs. Our surveyors work in liaison with the insured, the repair facility, and all the relevant parties. Investigations of cargo damage or loss claims on behalf of P&I Clubs, carriers, shippers, consignee are performed to determine possible cause and/or extent of any damage that may have occurred during shipment, and to assist in mitigating further losses

Loading and discharging surveys

As the nature and the composition of the cargo is more or less unique for each voyage, operational planning and co-ordination requires strict attention to ensure a proper execution of the work.

The main purpose of a preloading or out-turn supervision is to ensure that cargo is handled, stowed or stored safely and correctly during operations. Our mission is to detect and measure every possible damage or incident to the cargo plus avoid any delay or problem to the operations.

We inspect vessel’s cargo worthiness, including hold or tank condition and cleanliness and the general suitability to load a particular cargo. This visual inspection of the cleanliness of the cargo holds/tanks of the vessel is important in order to minimize at the maximum, any possible contamination of the cargo, thus avoiding future problems in transportation.

We carefully inspect every stage of these processes, completely describing under a high technical way every area of concern in our report, always provided with plenty of illustrating pictures:

  • Cargo condition;
  • Sampling;
  • Daily flash report;
  • Check of loading documents;
  • Assistance to the crew and /or stevedores company;
  • Supervision and description of handling during operations;
  • Description of the gear and equipment used;
  • Cleanliness and readines of the ship, supervising and describing cargo holds and hatches;
  • Pakaging & marking supervision and description;
  • Weather during operation;
  • Working time attendance reports;
  • Ship’s particulars, inspection, description and bearthing details;
  • Final report with print dossier;
  • List of remarks;
  • Tally or lashing certificates, etc. …